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6 Tips to Ready Your Home For Fall and Winter


It is time for fall and there are many things you can do inside and outside your house to prep your home for the fall season and the upcoming winter. Check out some of our favorite interior and exterior fall improvement tips:

1) Check windows and doors for drafts

The edges around your windows and doors can sometimes crack and therefore let in unwanted air. If it is needed, replace your window and door seals and repair the caulking around the frames. You could also consider heavier or insulated curtains and drapery for chronically drafty windows.

2) Winterize air conditioning

If your home has central air conditioning, chances are, you aren’t going to use it in the fall and especially not in the winter. It may be necessary to cover your outdoor unit for winter or if you use window-based units, to remove them or cover them to prevent air leaks.

3) Consider a programmable thermostat

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, now is the time to consider buying one to help with substantial cost savings. You can automatically set the temperature to lower at night and when you are not at home.

4) Inspect your roof

Do a visual inspection of your roof from the ground using some binoculars if needed to get a close up look. If you are able to do so safely, consider climbing up on the roof with a ladder to get an even better look. Take note of any damages or loose shingles and if it is needed, call someone for roof repairs.

5) Give your chimney and fireplace a check up

If your home has a wood fireplace, now is the time to have it cleaned and inspected since you’re more likely to use it in the coming cooler months. Make sure your chimney is also cleaned and inspected to help prevent potential hazards such as a fire.

6) Clean the gutters

You can hire a professional or do it yourself, but make sure you are removing leaves, sticks and other debris from your gutters. You should also check for any leaks.

If you need maintenance or inspection for your HVAC or furnace to help you get ready for cooler months, contact Charles today and schedule an appointment!