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Air Quality Tips for Your Home During Cold/Flu Season


As the cooler weather is getting underway and the leaves start to change, you're going to be spending less and less time outside. This means your home must be ready and prepped for the increase of time you'll spend inside especially since cold and flu season is upon us. You need indoor air quality to be at its best. This fall and winter, try out some of these do it yourself tips to make a clean-air haven in your home.

1) Schedule seasonal maintenance

Changing the furnace/HVAC filter on your heating appliances now that you are going to start using them more often will help you keep air quality up in your home. Get a professional heating repair company to come out and inspect your furnace/HVAC filter and provide any necessary maintenance so that they are working efficiently. You should also clean out your air ducts and chimneys to get rid of any lint, debris, or dust that may have built up since their last use.

2) Eliminate mold and unnecessary moisture

If you have a leaky sink or faucet, that extra moisture can have an impact on the quality of the air you have in your home. Fix any leaks in your sinks or showers, and make sure you are cleaning up any mildew you may find. Prevent future mildew or mold build-up by installing proper ventilation systems.

3) Look into indoor air purifiers

Indoor air purifiers help to remove pet dander, dust, lint, viruses, and odors that are common sources of lowering indoor air quality. You should set up an air purifier in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or any other room in your house that you may need it most. The basement is another common location for air purifiers.

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