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Ask Charles: Four things you can’t forget in a kitchen remodel


Remodeling your kitchen can be a fun and exciting process, especially if you are giving it some much-needed upgrades. As you are making your lists of wants in your kitchen remodeling, there are some things that you absolutely cannot forget to keep in mind as you go through the remodeling process. Read some of Charles’ best tips from our very own experts!

1) Details are everything.

A kitchen should reflect your lifestyle, and that lifestyle is important to keep in mind as you pick out the details during the planning phase of your remodeling. Think about the current daily uses and functions of your kitchen as you design the kitchen you want to help you end up with a new kitchen that you love. Think about everything from storage to functional space. For example, ensure you have the ideal triangular traffic pattern between the fridge, oven, and stove to make cooking and preparing food a natural progression. Communicate every detail of your vision to whoever you have contracted to remodel your kitchen.

2) Know who you’re working with.

There’s a common saying that a contractor is only as good as their last job. When researching companies to do your kitchen remodeling, make sure you ask them for photos of recent kitchen remodelings. Get an idea of the type of work they have done so that you know if it aligns with your vision and what you can expect. Also, check with references and ask questions such as: what were the contractor’s work habits, was the work site clean, was the scope of work followed as much as reasonably possible, was the project on budget and if anything went wrong.

3) Consider usage and materials wisely.

You can splurge and get beautiful stone countertops like marble or soapstone that look beautiful but require a lot of upkeep. If the upkeep is no problem for you, then that may make sense for your dream kitchen. However, if you are not as great with upkeep as those materials deserve, consider going with lower maintenance but still great looking materials such as granite. Ultimately, don’t forget to keep in mind just how much wear and tear you think your kitchen will go through while choosing the materials in your kitchen remodeling.

4) Your wish list.

It sounds simple, but you have to keep your wish list in mind throughout your entire kitchen remodeling. There will be unexpected situations that occur in the remodeling and you are going to have to make tough choices. You have to keep your wish list in mind while making those tough decisions so that you still end up with your dream kitchen. Sacrifices to your wish list may be unavoidable however, you should work closely with your contractor to make your vision come true.

The biggest tip to success in any remodeling is to clearly communicate your vision and make sure that you and the contractor are on the same page. Ensure timelines and budgets are met along the way and that any delays in the project completion are discussed. If you’re ready to have the kitchen of your dreams, call Charles today and let’s start the conversation for your remodeling.