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How to Create a Relaxing Home


There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and being at peace and relaxed. Your home - the design, furniture, appliances, color scheme and more - all play into how you feel when you enter your home. To help minimize frazzled nerves, ease tension and wind down at the end of the day, check out some of these tips to help you create a relaxing home.

1) Use the right accents and decorations

Flowers and candles are both great options for creating a home that is visually and aromatically appealing. Consider putting a vase of fresh flowers in high-traffic locations of your home such as the kitchen or living room, so that they are always visible. As for candles, consider a natural aroma that is not too fragrant or overwhelmingly strong.

2) Let in the sun

Lighting in your home is critical and a healthy dose of natural sunlight and therefore, vitamin D, is great for your mood and spirit. Do all you can not to block a room’s natural sunlight including opening shades and keeping curtains and drapes off to the side during the day. Even if it is a cloudy day, letting in a natural daylight will help create a calming atmosphere in your home.

3) Choose paint wisely

If you’re going to paint your walls, choose the color scheme wisely especially accordingly by room. Color can affect your mood, so it is best to go for colors such as light blues, greens, and grays which create a more relaxing atmosphere. White, off-white, beiges and similar colors also create a natural and calming atmosphere compared to brighter colors that are known for being energizing.

4) Remove clutter

Nothing is calming about clutter and odds and ends taking up space and creating distractions. Get rid of items that are out in the open that would be better served tucked away in a junk drawer or organized nicely in a closet and leave your open spaces for items that are soothing or inspiring such as candles, flowers or photos of loved ones.

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