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Prepping Your Yard for the Cold Weather


Fall is a great time to take care of the chores around your house before the cold weather arrives. This is especially important for residents in Central New York and other northern states that are subject to cold winters with extreme conditions at times. Taking this time of the year to help boost your home’s energy efficiency and protect your home from any winter-related damage. Check out some of our favorite tips.

Refresh and stock up on winter supplies.

Fall is the time to prepare for the cold and snowy winters that are upon us, especially for those of us facing the central New York winters. Here are some ideas for making sure you are snow-ready and able to take care of your yard when the time comes:

  • Check the condition of snow shovels and ice scrapers; replace as needed.

  • Pick up a bag of ice melt, that is plant and pet safe.

  • Restock emergency kits for your car and home, such as generators, jumper cables, anti-freeze and so on.

  • Service and purchase fuel for your snow blower.

Turn off exterior faucets and store hoses.

To make sure your pipes make it through the winter with a minimal risk of issues, shut off the water to exterior faucets to protect your pipes before the temperature reaches freezing points. You should also drain and store your houses in a dry place such as a basement storage unit or a shed in the backyard. If you’re using an irrigation system, you should drain and winterize that as well.

Make your exterior, ice-ready

Walkways, railings, stairs and driveways can all be dangerous territory once they are coated in just the tiniest bit of ice. It doesn’t take much for someone to lose their balance while walking from the driveway to the front door when ice is in play. Check all of your stairs and railings on the exterior of your home and make sure everything is sturdy and not in need of repair.

Out with the cold and in with the warm

Once you stop using a window A/C unit as the weather gets cooler, you should remove it from the window to prevent any possibility of warm air escaping your home. If it isn’t possible to remove the A/C units from the windows, consider insulating around the unit to keep cold air out of your home and saving energy costs. You should also take this time of year to vacuum radiators, baseboard heaters and grates from any dust or grime that may be there so that warm air flow is as efficient as possible.

Keep critters out

This is the time of year that small critters are going to start looking for warm places to escape from the colder weather, and you don’t want your home to be that option. Seal any gaps on the exterior of your home to make sure no critters can get in.

Try some of these tips to get your home ready for winter and schedule your routine maintenance on your heating units with a Charles expert!