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Tips for Planning a Kitchen Layout

Syracuse Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is one of the most heavily trafficked areas of your home. It is where you start your day and where you sit down for a dinner to wrap up your day. Because you spend so much time in your kitchen, the design of your kitchen needs to be carefully planned, keeping functionality in mind. Check out some of these tips for planning out a kitchen and some of the many different layout designs you can consider for your New York kitchen remodel.

1) L-shaped Kitchens

An L-shaped kitchen is a great way to design a multipurpose kitchen with a lot of storage and counter space capabilities. It is one of the more popular kitchen layouts today and commonly comes with a central island sitting in the middle of the “L” shape. This design is great for kitchens of any size, and a central island allows you to flow through food prep and cooking effortlessly.

2) U or C-shaped kitchens

The U or C-shaped kitchen is one of the best layouts for a busy and expert cook. The kitchen is designed with keeping all appliances within easy reach of each other, sometimes one right in front of or across from each other. The work triangle will even sometimes have the refrigerator on a wall outside of the U or C shape but close enough and without taking up any necessary counter space.

3) Appliance Layout Techniques

The kitchen work triangle is known as the ultimate design consideration for a kitchen layout. Your remodel should focus on a carefully planned triangle of appliances and the sink. Sometimes, it simply isn’t possible to make a work triangle in your remodel, but if it is at all a possibility, it is one that will definitely improve function and flow of your kitchen. If you can’t make a work triangle, focus on what will best suit your needs and carefully plan a direct route between your prepping, cooking and cleaning work centers.

4) Other layout tips

At the end of the day, the design of your kitchen space should focus on comfort and ease suited for everyone in your family, regardless of age or ability. Keep in mind everything from counter heights to door sizes to lighting fixtures to make a kitchen that is friendly and accessible to everyone in your home.

If you’re ready to design a kitchen for a remodel, contact Charles today and we can help guide you through this exciting process.